Meet Duane M. Abel,  Cartoonist of ZED

Duane discovered his destiny the first time he picked up a pencil and scribbled his first cartoon! He then began a lifelong pursuit to bring happiness to the world. Along the way, Duane corresponded with the masters of cartooning becoming an envelope apprentice. From these modern thought leaders, Duane not only learned the craft of cartooning, but the four words required for success.

He wants to share them with you. 




DRAW YOUR DESTINY is an all student school assembly showcasing the POWER of goal setting, importance of literacy and education WITH the four words to success that all students NEED to hear!

Corporate and Private Events


Some of the largest empires of the 20th century were built by cartoonists! Their secrets to professional and personal success would have been lost to the ages, luckily Duane was a very good apprentice!

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Duane’s comic strip series ZED has been enjoyed by readers for over two decades! Wholesome and family friendly, ZED has been called a “warm hug’ comic strip.


DRAW YOUR DESTINY with Duane M. Abel builds such momentum with his four words required for success it leaves students AND educators clamoring for more! The assembly is a powerful program and Duane is a high caliber speaker. It stands head and shoulders above the crowd and in my years of teaching, was one of the best assemblies I have ever seen!”

John S. Gintey/ Elementary Educator-Assembly Coordinator

Timber Lane Elementary/ Falls Church, VA


Duane has impacted…


CEO National Conference

RVA Marketing and Networking Expo

TOPS Incorporated Ohio State Conference


Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

International Reading Association Conference

R.A.P State Conference

The University of Findlay

Mount Union University

LEADER IN ME Lighthouse Status Schools