DRAW YOUR DESTINY School Assembly!

Duane presents an all student assembly that promotes GOAL SETTING, the power of LITERACY and importance of EDUCATION with the four words required for success that all students need to hear!

HUNDREDS of schools nationwide have invited Duane into their gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, libraries and classrooms to motivate, encourage and inspire their students. From full student assemblies, award celebrations, a little motivation before state testing, literacy events and evening parent programs, all Duane needs is an easel and a flip-chart to captivate your students attention and deliver an inspiring and motivating message!

Duane was able to begin his professional career while still in school utilizing the pillars of achievement found within DRAW YOUR DESTINY, and he can’t wait to share them with YOUR students!

A Single Assembly Includes:

One 45 minute assembly

Q&A opportunities

All drawings are donated to the school

Full Day Assemblies Includes:

Four 45 minute Assemblies

Q&A opportunities

Lunch with Students

All drawings are donated to the school

A set of autographed “ZED” books

Half Day Assemblies Includes:

Two 45 minute assemblies

Q&A opportunities

All drawings are donated to the school