Cartooning with Duane!

A favorite activity among countless retirement communities all across the nation, Cartooning with Duane allows your residents a chance to revisit their childhood through the Sunday Funnies with a professional cartoonist leading them down memory lane. 

With minimal setup (he will bring his own easel), Duane captivates your residents with behind the scene stories about their favorite comic strips.

Your residents also get to see comics come to life before their very eyes, as Duane introduces his very own, family friendly comic strip, ZED.  As he creates his lovable characters, audience members get to hear how each character came to life. 

All drawings that are created in the presentations are gifted to residents for keepsakes.



Presentation includes:

Forty-five minute Cartooning Demonstration

Stories from their favorite Sunday Funnies

All Drawings are given to residents

Lots of Smiles and laughter



Rave Reviews and other kind words…


A visit to Maple Crest Senior Living.

"Elders at Maple Crest were delighted to discover all sorts of unique tidbits about famous cartoonists down through the ages from a dynamic (and very funny) modern-day cartoonist, Duane Abel"

Newspaper Article

What every Activity Director wants

“Besides being a way cool program, Duane is an absolute delight. He is knowledgeable, professional, creative, warm and FUNNY. Unique and fascinating to watch.”

— Lonnis S. Krisher LSW, ACC/ Copeland Oaks Senior Living Community

An afternoon of laughter

“A great afternoon filled with laughter. Laughter is after all, the best medicine, and Duane delivers in a BIG WAY!”

— Renee Taylor Activities Director/ Bennington Glen Retirement Community




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